Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolution #1: The Garage

Not one to waste any time (OK, actually I waste a lot of time) The garage is killing me! Post move garage. Post move disheveled, unorganized, unsorted. My garage could be featured on "Hoarders". Well, maybe that's pushing it. After all, I have not amassed large sums of 10 year old fecal matter in there. Maybe if I start storing kitty poo in there I can be deemed worthy of a professional organizer AND a therapist coming to my home.

As soon as Wyatt's eyes shut, I sprung into action! Like a mad mother! Racing against the hands of sleep! Knowing that too soon, morning will come. Know that my kids will not take kindly to a Martha Stewart style organizing session ( I was kinda trying to channel her while sorting shit). Knowing, above all else, that soon enough I will say "fuck it!" I will lose my gumption. Organizing your house after moving , during the holidays, when you work retail and you have 2 kids, and a type B husband is honestly not worth the Xanax. I have given myself some wiggle room, more forgiveness and less urgency.

While we are on the topic of organization, my mother just called to wish me happy new year and give me street by street directions to the location of where she spent her evening. O Rosie!

So here is one thing I realize when attempt projects like this: I have major guilt over things left undone, unhung, unsorted unfinished. I feel horrible when I look at Wyatt's art projects that were proudly hung in his old room. Each of them displayed with a clothespin on a line of rope. I have to get that up tonight. I look at copious amounts of scrapbooking supplies that I never have time to create with and I feel like I just wasted copious amounts of moola. Please tell me I am not the only one with this need to collect stickers at the age of 35! Please tell me I am not the only one who loves candles the way Hoarders peeps love their dead cats!

Like many women,I am fulfilled by the desire to do things, imagine, create ideas and possibilities.Sometimes, when you are a working mom, daydreaming about order, getting pictures into albums, really clean bathrooms, folded and PUT AWAY laundry is all you got. Gotta that love mommy porn ;)

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